Metro’s aircraft completion center is a full-service facility capable of a complete range of modification and upgrade packages for new and existing customers. 

With sub-departments that include avionics, paint, installation, machining, and more, we have something for everyone.  The only thing we don’t do here?  Upholstery.

What it takes

Can you see yourself here?

Attention to detail is required here and we’re not short on outgoing personalities. There are no shortcuts or cutting corners when it comes to completing an aircraft.  Our team works well together, has a clear vision of what their job is, and is dedicated to delivering a quality aircraft that surpasses expectations.

kevin knighton
paint shop manager

Everyone is in shock or in aw when they see what we do! Most people do not realize that we have a paint shop in the building and the extensive work that we do. From air sanding to buffing the aircraft to the striping on the aircraft. This is rewarding work.

Kevin Knighton

metro employee since 1998


It’s Art

Our paint shop is the best in the industry.  This team takes their job seriously, and has fun doing it.

As a paint technician, you’ll refinish aircraft and parts and complete all phases of the prep and painting processes. You’ll start with a blank canvas and work your magic to bring it to life.

Here are a few things we look for when hiring paint technicians:

  • Minimum of (3) years experience in paint and body
  • Must be able to identify issues with paint and how to solve, i.e. matching color, tinting, blending
  • Must be able to pass the OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation, pre-employment
  • Experience with products such as Axalta AF paint system, Axalta Imron Elite, PPG B/C & clears

Wires for Days

As an Avionics Technician, you’ll take on the wiring for aircraft at our completion center.  Some technicians spend about a week and a half completing an overhead panel, while others work on the actual aircraft running cable between different components and systems.

You’ll be an integral part of what we do, allowing our customers to safely and effectively accomplish their mission.

You’re day-to-day will consist of fabricating and/or installing basic avionics and electrical systems, assisting with wiring harness wire board set up and layout, completing coax installations, and more.

A few things we look for:

  • Knowledge of AC43.13 standard aircraft wiring practices
  • Ability to read and interpret aircraft wiring diagrams
  • Understanding of basic electrical components & systems
  • Proficient with soldering and terminal/pin crimping techniques
  • Good troubleshooting skills with both digital & analog systems
  • Knowledge of autopilot systems
  • Familiarization with basic Avionics test equipment

Always Ready

Metro Aviation keeps an ample supply of spare parts (including main gearboxes and engines) on hand. We typically invest nearly twice what our competitors invest per aircraft in initial inventory purchases for a new base startup.

Inventory is maintained in a cloud-based system to allow real-time parts visibility and shipping from its main facility or field bases, meaning reduced out-of-service times for Metro programs. 

Our Inventory and Shipping Departments go hand-in-hand. You’ll be an integral part of our supply chain, ensuring we always have what we need on hand and helping us get it where it needs to go.

Bringing it Full Circle

It all comes together with our installation team.  Once the avionics are installed and the aircraft is painted, you’ll be responsible for reassembling the components and installing the flooring, equipment mounts, stretcher system, and more.

You’re the aircraft’s final stop before delivery, so attention to detail is a must.  As part of our Part 145 Repair Station, you’ll interact with all areas of the completion center to get the job done!