Our people are the lifeblood of our company and the driving force behind our success. These dedicated individuals contribute their skills, talents, and expertise to propel Metro forward. Their unique talents enrich our collective knowledge and creativity, fostering innovation and adaptability.

We do what we do for our people, and we are so lucky they choose to be part of our Metro family.

The leadership is putting a tremendous amount of effort into listening to what employees and new hires value and then implementing the tools needed to meet those wants and needs. It’s a very open-door, family atmosphere at headquarters, and the HR department has improved how they get that same feeling to the bases in the field. It’s a fun group of people to work with, but the value and emphasis they put on safety is above and beyond. There’s never any pressure to fly for pilots, and Metro has pilots’ back if there is any pushback from customers. Because it’s a private company, there are no shareholders or board members to answer to, which means they can get stuff done a lot quicker.

There are so many reasons to work for Metro. You are more than just a number here. Your peers and leaders care about you and take the time to create relationships. You will feel valued and appreciated here.

The people are great! Best work environment I have ever had.

Nathan Bickham

Nathan began his aviation career training as a fixed-wing pilot and instructor before joining the Army as a CH-47F Chinook pilot and instructor. After leaving the Army, he taught Basic Warfighter Skills at the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence. Nathan joined the Metro family in 2021 and is the Lead Pilot for UT Health East Texas Air 1.

Jennifer Tremblay

Jennifer has dreamed of being a helicopter pilot since she was 12. She joined the Army as an Avionic Mechanic for helicopters at age 19 and used the G.I. Bill to attend flight school and make her dream a reality. She began flying tours around Branson, MO, but becoming a medical transport pilot was always her goal. She joined the Metro Family in September of 2022.

William Paquette

William enlisted in the Navy after high school but always knew he wanted to be a pilot. Once his enlistment ended, he received his private and instrument ticket, and re-enlisted in the Navy as a Naval Aviator. Since then, he’s worked in several industries, but always knew that flying was where he belonged. He joined the Metro family in 2020 and is the Lead Pilot for IU Health LifeLine in Indiana.

Bryan Allen

Bryan’s aviation career began in the United States Army where he served for over 20 years. He graduated from the Army Warrant Officer Flight program in 1992 and flew helicopters until he retired in 2008. Bryan joined the Metro family in 2008 and is currently Lead Pilot for MedSTAR in Indian Head, Maryland.

Cindy Thrift

Cindy’s love for aviation began when she was young, flying with her grandfather in small Cessna airplanes. Cindy joined the Air Force as a weather forecaster and, upon leaving active duty, enrolled in a local Baltimore college. She received her helicopter pilot’s license and became an Electronic News Gathering pilot and reporter for the Baltimore CBS affiliate. Cindy joined the Metro Family in February of 2022.

Carson Craig

Lead Operational Control Specialist Carson Craig completed his Commercial Pilot check-ride to become a licensed commercial pilot!