Our training department works closely with operations and safety to ensure we are addressing field trends, preparing pilots for unexpected situations, and maintaining the highest level of safety possible.

The Helicopter Flight Training Center is equipped with a FlightSafety AS350 B2 Level 6 Flight Training Device, Frasca Bell 407 Level 7 Flight Training Device, FlightSafety EC135 Level D Full Motion Simulator and North America’s first FlightSafety EC145 Level D Full Motion Simulator.

What it takes

Can you see yourself here?

Our team of instructors, simulator techs, and schedulers work closely with both Metro pilots and non-Metro pilots. They are multi-taskers with excellent communication and technical skills. 

John forsythe
sim tech

This department is the best of both worlds. There are a MAX of 35-40 pilots seen a day with 6-8 instructors.

Plus, where else can you go to fly a $15 million video game?

John Forsythe and Family

Metro Employee since 2013