there is no one Georgia experience. It’s something you find on a waterfall hike near Helen in the Georgia mountains or by relaxing on a beach on St. Simons Island. These are your moments waiting to happen. 


For over 125 years, hospitality has been at the heart of Augusta, and that heart beats strong amidst the ingenuity and innovation of today’s prosperous and thriving community.

There are those drawn to the city’s history and heritage, but alongside the banks of the Savannah River they also discover an Augusta that is alive for a new generation; one that celebrates the city’s arts and culture, flourishes with its dynamic recreational opportunities, revels in the renewed appreciation of the region’s storied past, and pulses with a contagious vitality that promises a bright tomorrow for the new Augustan.


Atlanta doesn’t settle for doing anything the way it’s always been done.

They didn’t create freedom, soda, grits, or hospitality—they elevated them into something sacred. They didn’t invent hip-hop—they just took it to a whole different level.

They raise the bar, because they don’t look to others for inspiration. Instead, they look ahead to their own future and see their influence on everything as they move.

And that small difference doesn’t just set them apart. It defines them.