On March 8, 2016, it was declared that whoever you are, no matter what you love to do, know that happiness is Pennsylvania’s keystone. It always has been.


Although the past is celebrated here, the activities happening today and the exciting developments of tomorrow are where the real excitement lies.

Butler has emerged as a vibrant, “artsy” town that adds color, creativity and a fresh perspective to daily life. Painters, sculptors, actors, musicians and singers have many fantastic venues to display and promote their talents. Exhibits and performing arts events are constantly scheduled, injecting a lively cultural atmosphere in the community.


Clarion is a lively “University Town” located in the middle of the county along the banks of Piney Reservoir on the Clarion River.  The town plays host to an annual Autum Leaf Festival, which celebrates the transient beauty of fall. 

With the 6,000-acre Cook Forest Park fronting eight miles of the river, Clarion is an ideal destination for campers, hikers, and anybody else who loves trees.


Canonsburg is a town of celebrations.

The second-largest Fourth of July parade in the state of Pennsylvania, second only to Philadelphia, is held in Canonsburg. In the weeks leading up to the parade, the town frequently gains media attention for its residents setting up folding chairs along the town’s main street to stake claim to prime viewing areas. Additionally, Canonsburg is home to an annual Oktoberfest, named by as one of the Top Ten Oktoberfest Celebrations in the nation, and Canonsburg’s Old Fashioned Christmas, touted as one of PA’s most Hallmark-esque towns to visit during the Holiday season by visit


Located in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, Indiana is home to an extensive Rails to Trails system, a variety of yearly festivals and a community of Old Order Amish families.  

Indiana is also known as the Christmas Tree Capital of the World. 


French for “beautiful green,” Belle Vernon is located just 36 miles from Pittsburgh along the Monongahela River.

There are just over 1,000 residents in the community.



Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, is a quiet suburb 18 miles northwest of the Philadelphia downtown area, and has a history as old as the nation.

However, its quiet character shouldn’t be mistaken for listlessness, as the town offers many surprises for those who only know it by reputation. Blue Bell may be historic, but it hasn’t fallen behind the times.