When you Montana, you discover a feeling that can only be found here. To Montana is to live fully, to experience authenticity, to awaken your inner adventurer. 


Bozeman is the western mountain town that’s got it all. Two world-class ski resorts within an hour. Hundreds of miles of trails and even more untouched backcountry. Views too incredible to be real.

But this mountain town is anything but sleepy. Stroll along Bozeman’s downtown Main Street to find a foodie’s paradise, concerts and local events every week. Matched with places to stay for every taste, you’ll find an unforgettable experience here in Bozeman.


Billings was built on that outsider spirit.

That despite appearances and naysayers, no climb was too steep. No trail was too rocky. No burger was too juicy… on the idea that staying true to your roots is more important than fitting in with everyone and everything else. That’s what is great about Billings. They’ve been authentic Montana since 1882. And maybe that makes them the outsiders of the bunch. As they say: Forge your own path.


Great Falls is often referred to as Montana’s basecamp as the city of just over 60,000 people is centrally located and home to an international airport. Nestled in between 4 mountain ranges, 3 rivers, 2 wilderness areas and 1 wildlife refuge, adventure is easily accessible in every direction.

Halfway between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Great Falls offers 53 miles of trail along the famed Missouri River, 11 museums., and all four seasons!